Here’s my make up for TGIF as promised.

Yesterday, I made a quick trip out to Stony Brook University for an interview for a grad assistantship with their Residential Life department. I was only informed of this interview the day before, let’s just say I was irritated by the lack of notice. Getting to SB from NYC is about 2 hour trek so if I had more notice I could have set up seeing more apartments showings – the only one I had fell through (ugh). I did meet with my new PI, Dr. Daniel Bogenhagen for a quick chat which was nice. But yesterday left me feeling drained and a bit overwhelmed and full of self doubt about the idea of going back to school.

Here’s the weird building my lab will be housed in. And that’s only the outside.

Basic Science Tower #Basic #science

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Between chugging coffee and curling up into the fetal position to nap on the train home, I managed to have enough energy to go to a 11:30pm (way past my bed time) screening and Q&A with the directors of Holidays at the Tribeca Film Fest. I enjoyed the film, although I found it more to be a dark humor flick than horror. I did however, not enjoy the experience because there was an awful woman behind us who wouldn’t stop loudly talking to the movie. And that continued after multiple people shushed her and told her to shut the f#$% up. Some people should not be allowed in public.

Holidays #horror #tff2016 #Tribeca2016

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Bottom line, yesterday was not a TGIF but today should be better. A friend is in town so I’m looking forward to catching up and we’re going to the Orchid Show so I’ll be checking it off my NYC Bucket List.

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