I have no time. But do I ever? Too be fair this is actually more than just my usual (slightly exaggerated) complaining self. I recently got a second job which is about an extra 20 hours of work each week. Also I’ve been a bit sick (missed two days of work). And – drum roll please – I’m actually studying for the LSAT. Technically I just started this week – I’m a procrastinator, what can I say? But whatever, I’m doing it so go me! I’m mainly working on on logic games. I’m struggling a bit with this section. The thing is I usually get them all right except I run out of time by the third set and there are four.

So who thinks I can speed my process up in 15 days? Pessimists (and possibly realists) need not respond. Also any LSAT strategy or any type advice would be appreciated. Or just some (lots of) encouragement. K? Thanks!


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