2015 in Review

2015 in Review

Candid Cerebrations | Welcoming in 2015

#TBT Welcoming in 2015 (Look how short my hair was?!)

So I may have fell a bit short of my 2015 resolutions but I still feel pretty darn good about myself.

I may not have read 52 books but I did read 32 books.

I may not have run 700 miles but I ran 515 miles. I had a bit of a slow start.

Miles Running Total
January 9.12 9.12
February 7 16.12
March 7.35 23.47
April 27.73 51.2
May 36.43 87.63
June 52.81 140.44
July 61.18 201.62
August 51.34 252.96
September 77.11 330.07
October 90.86 420.93
November 67.35 488.28
December 27.1 515.38

I definitely worked on more meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, that came with the ending an of old friendship but it also came with forming so many more.

Sadly, I definitely did not do more yoga. Oops. 

And there have been a TON of other great experiences that happened this year. Here are just a few of the bigger ones.

I saw my baby sis graduate college.

I went to the beach A LOT.

I traveled abroad solo for the first time ever (read about it here). Along with that adventure I made a lifelong friend and someone to practice my Spanish with.

My friends and I ran our first of many (hopefully!) annual destination half marathons.

I got a raise at work. Woohoo!

I ran my first full marathon. And  it was THE NYC Marathon (recap here).

I completed the #SurvivePHD MOOC

I applied to grad school.

I completed the Spanish course on Duolingo.

How was your 2015? I hope it was wonderful! If not, good thing 2016 is just around the corner.


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