2017 Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

Okay, these are pretty similar to 2016 (and 2015) so no points on the creativity but I decided to spell out more on how I’m going to accomplish them so I might actually accomplish them this year. Maybe. And I added a few.

Read 24 books and A LOT MORE academic papers
Less books than the last two years because of grad school but 2 books/month sounds reasonable and I will be picking up the slack on novel reading with academic reading. I plan on achieving this by replacing bedtime Netflix with this. Okay, maybe just adding this to the routine before Netflix. 

Set a new half and full marathon PR
Current half PR is 1:57:32 and full is 4:30:35. The next four resolutions should help with achieving this.

Run 700 miles
700 miles is an average of 13.5 miles/week for 52 weeks. It’s doable so why haven’t I done it? Game plan: go out and run, slacker! I’m not really sure how else to do this unless someone wants to volunteer to be my running buddy? C’mon!

Take 50 yoga/spin classes
That’s an about 4 classes/month. I’d also be okay subbing other equivalent classes in. While I love working out solo running or at the gym, I like the mental break of having someone tell me what to do. Not to mention led workouts are perfect for those days where I am feeling super lazy or unmotivated. Which is often. 

Post weekly training updates on CC (Re: Training Tuesday)
I really find that posting what I do helps keep me accountable for doing it. So if you see me slacking in these updates please comment and call me out. K? Thanks.

Don’t fall behind on Neurotweeps

Work on having a better/more positive attitude/complain less
Game plan: TBD
Meditate? Journal? Adult coloring books? Counseling?
Suggestions are welcome here.


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What are your resolutions for 2017 ?

What helps you keep a good attitude?


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