Another TGIW

Another TGIW

Woohoo! No work Thursday or Friday. Hello long weekend!

What are your fabulous plans to ring in the new year?

I’m going to a lingerie party tomorrow night. Shhh don’t tell my parents. I’ve never done anything like that before so it should be interesting.

And you’ll never believe who I met last night. Well you might if you follow me on Insta or Twitter

Just chillin with Tobias Funke #WDEK

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I met David Cross! I went to the taping of We Don’t Even Know. It’s a podcast that a friend mine is an intern for. It was the first time I went but it was a really good show, I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Fun fact, I suck at listening to podcasts. I put one on and then 20 minutes later I realize I haven’t been paying attention past the first two minutes. Well at least I know myself well enough that I don’t even try to listen to them anymore. But I do like to go to live tapings like last night and in the past I’ve gone to Story Collider (which I also recommend).

Here are my favorite links of the week:

Tom Hiddleston reading poetry (YESSSSS!!!!)

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This is too true


5 things to know about NYE

Do this if you’re feeling the holiday stress

What 2015 trend did you skip this year?

And my favorite science-y links:

Surprise: School That Is Tolerant of Anti-Vaxxers Suffers Massive Chickenpox Outbreak

Rich, White and Refusing Vaccines

Four Times When Journalists Read a Scientific Paper and Reported the Complete Opposite

At Theranos, Many Strategies and Snags (I’ve been following this for awhile, let’s just say I’m not  a fan of Elizabeth Holmes)

Women who changed science in 2015


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