CC’s Favorites of Instagram

CC’s Favorites of Instagram

Need a daily dose of cute? Follow @pumpkintheraccoon

Need a laugh? Check out @socalitybarbie

For more laughs, and if you have a mature sense of humor like me you’ll enjoy @levenbutt

And for my fellow runners out there, you need to follow @kellykroberts from Run, Selfie, Repeat.


Basically my life. #RunSelfieRepeat


A photo posted by Kelly Roberts (@kellykkroberts) on

  #Thanksgiving is ruined. I’d have to run 2 marathons to justify the amount of #pumpkinpie I plan on eating. #RunSelfieRepeat   A photo posted by Kelly Roberts (@kellykkroberts) on

Also check out her lost baes of the NYC Marathon.

So, what are you favorite Instagram accounts? And don’t forget to follow me on IG.


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