Happy Hours, Good Omens, and Holy Sh!t It’s Almost Here!

Happy Hours, Good Omens, and Holy Sh!t It’s Almost Here!

Yesterday was our #EndAlz Happy Hour at American Whiskey in Midtown West. We had a nice turn out and we raised $262. Does that number combination look oddly familiar? You know, like 26.2 – the number of miles in a marathon? Crazy coincidence or good omen? I’m going to say good omen.


My Co-Hosts, Hannah and Ruanna



My BMed Coworkers are great and came to support me

Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported us (and to those there in spirit).  There were so many others but then my second whiskey cocktail kicked in and I forgot to take more photos. I’m getting close to my fundraising goal. I’m 2/3 of the way there with $1189 to go. Click here to donate.

And can you believe the race is in 10 days? 10 DAYS!

One of my coaches, Brian Hsia shared this and it’s such amazing advice I must pass it on to you all.

Race time is race time – “could have, would have, should have”

When racing only focus on the race. When the race is over…what you “could have, should have, would have”…should not happen.

Race time is race time, you should do what you need to do during race time and what you could do is what you should do. Don’t put more pressure on what you already have.

During the time of “race time” that’s the time to give it all you got…Now, if you could go faster YOU WOULD…but after the race is done…that’s it. You only can learn from your mistakes…and what you could have done, would have done and should have done is DONE.

Everyone could have gone faster or done something better…but at that moment…you couldn’t have done all the things you “should have, would have and could have” because you would have done it.

Race time is race time. When you race, you race…and focus on that race. Practice does not count, race time is for all the marbles…so make the correct choices during race time.


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