Not so TGI Monday

Not so TGI Monday

Obviously, I’m not responsible enough to post my TGIF series on time anymore (if even). Or maybe it’s more that I’ve been busy. But either way, better late than never right?

So little recap of what’s been going on in my life. I started marathon training again last week, so watch out Tuesday Training updates are coming. I also started dating again. And by dating I mean going out, meeting people, and then wondering why I didn’t just stay in bed and watch Netflix. Seriously, anyone else have the single lady (or man) woes? Because I really I want to start a Tindering Support Group for bad Tinder dates (aka all of them).

I finally checked going to a Broadway show off my NYC Bucket List Thursday with The Waitress. The show was amazing! I loved it! And I am now religiously entering The Hamilton lottery.

First Broadway Show #Broadway #nyc

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And the most exciting thing of all recently, I found my apartment for when I move for grad school this fall. It’s a cute little home share in St. James out on Long Island. And it has a yard! 😍😍😍

Before the customary round up of links for you all, this has been my song for the week:


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