So many things I want to tell you and TGIF

So many things I want to tell you and TGIF

Duckie has some announcements to make. Read them on my blog (link in bio).

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What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have any big announcements?

I’m going to a friend’s birthday party tonight. I’m still trying to decide if I should come bearing cupcakes or wine. Suggestions?

Tomorrow a few ATEA teammates and I will be meeting up to run in the Palisades. Which is great because I officially registered for a full marathon today! So much for an annual destination half, things quickly escalated and Danelle and I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th! We also signed up for the Philly RnR half in September too. Read about our first destination half  last year in Montreal here.

And Sunday, weather permitting, I will be checking out the Central Park Zoo. Surprisingly, I have never been to the zoo and I need to start checking off my NYC to dos because I will be moving to Long Island in August. Which is my set up to officially announce that I will be starting a master’s program in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at Stony Brook University. You may have remembered I mentioned applying to master’s program previously. While I was pretty bummed out to not have even received an interview for a doctoral programs, I am very excited to start this program and I strongly believe it’s a step in the right direction for me.

Other announcements, my brain child (pun intended) Neurotweeps will be launching on Monday. Neurotweeps is a rotational curation twitter account (#rocur) where various scientists/clinicians/other relevant neurophiles share their work and love for the brain. Each curator will take over the account for a week and let us pick their brains (yes, more puns!). Follow us!! Tell all your friends about us! Maybe even tweet for us. Our first curator is Alycia Mosley Austin, you can read her bio on the blog.

And save the date for the Pint of Science festival this year from May 23rd-May 25th. I’m in the process of organizing a Tech Me Out event but there will also be 8 other events on 8 different topics. And I’m managing the NYC chapter’s social media and advertising as well.


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