I’m so glad it’s Friday. Seriously, less than 4 hours until the sweet relief of the weekend. Although last night I did have an amazing date (maybe I’ll tell you about it later).

What are your plans for this weekend?

Tonight I will be hanging out with Yalda. The only real plan we have is to consume large quantities of wine. Then Saturday and Sunday I am free! FREE! I will probably go running but that’s only because I want to. Come Monday my 16 week marathon training plan starts and then I will be running almost every day whether I want to or not. Speaking of my marathon, today I hit the 25% mark of my fundraising goal. YAY! Thanks everyone who has donated so far. Seriously, thank you! If you want to donate you can do so here.

Links I loved this week:

My friend is a great creative writer and she wrote an awesome post today on her blog A True Story, Part 1

This letter is hilarious Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses Make sure to read the comments too!

A Guided Meditation for Today’s World

I want this and this

I want to make these (just kidding I hate crafts but they are beautiful)

10 Times when it’s okay to be lazy I personally think because it’s Sunday should be added to this list because that’s what Sundays are for.

How to Measure a Scientist (humorous)

Why so much of our healthcare is unnecessary and what we can do about it

Did you here what Colorado did?

And of course, I need to include some science links

Why we need blind data recording in science

Is Alzheimer’s a metabolic disease? The Mitchondrial Hypothesis

Or maybe it’s an immunological disease. Did you hear about the discovery of the lymphatic system in the central nervous system (in mice)? We discussed this in our weekly lab meeting yesterday.

Have a great weekend!


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