So much for TGIF, more like how the heck is it already Friday?!


Today my office did an extended lunch (2 hours!) at Lincoln Ristorante for restaurant week. It was delicious!

Does your city have a restaurant week?

And after work we went to GROM for some gelato to wish one of our colleagues farewell on her last day. I think it’s safe to say I’m very full!

Saturday aka tomorrow, I’m doing the NYRR long training run #1. Say hi if you’re there. The plan is to run 14-16 miles which will be the farthest distance I’ve ever run in my life (if I survive). Then I plan on meeting up with some friends to go out to lunch and then the beach. And hopefully I’ll be going to the beach again Sunday. Can you tell I like the beach?

What are you doing this weekend? Any beach plans?

And here is my weekly round up of links for you:

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One thought on “TGIF

Jenny KimPosted on  1:25 am - Jul 27, 2015

Every monday I wish it was friday. I love Fridays!!!

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