Seriously TGIF! Is it just me or do short work weeks (I had Monday off while in Philly) seem longer than a regular week?!

What are you up to this weekend?

I don’t have any major plans but I am really excited to get pizza here tonight. And then tomorrow, I’m visiting a college friend one last time in NJ before he moves back to the Midwest *tear. And Sunday I’m doing a park to park run but I’ll tell you more about it on Tuesday in my new Training Tuesday series.

Here is my link love for the week.

I needed this

I think I might try this

15 Smart Things to Say That Will Reassure People You’re a True Professional

10 Simple Ways to Prioritize What You Love

#7 really made me LOL

What type of child you were based off your Myers-Briggs Personality type (I’m an ISFP)

I’m not married but I still thought this was hilarious

And I’ve come across some really great science links this week. 

Maybe you remember from Wednesday, Science Isn’t Broken

Planning to study science in college? Here’s some advice

Why I published in PLOS One and why I probably won’t again for awhile

Goals of Science vs. Goals of Scientists

Read the Lost Dream Journal of the Man Who Discovered Neurons 


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