Am I drinking a PSL while typing this? You betcha. (Sorry my Minnesotan slipped out there) I can’t believe that it’s already September. But I’m not complaining. Although it would be nice if the weather felt like September and not the depths of hell. Anyway…


Tell me about your amazing plans for Labor day weekend.

Everyone in my office is leaving early today at 3pm and not coming back until Tuesday. But I’ll be staying late today and coming in Monday to take advantage of the quiet space. I love having the office all to myself. Is that sad that I’m looking forward to spending the holiday weekend undisturbed in the office? Maybe. But don’t worry, I will still be having plenty of fun this weekend in the regular two day period. I finally have time to go to my writing group tomorrow (yay no scheduling conflicts!) and I’m hoping to get in one last beach or kayaking session on Sunday. Or maybe both.

And here is my link lovin’ for the week

I’m taking this online course

Y estoy practicando mi Español aqui

Finding Originality in a Digital Age

This blog is hilarious, if you can’t get past the awful formatting… But I promise you it’s worth it.

This video made me literally LOL

And a video of my friend who made it on Vice Sports

Will someone make me this for breakfast?

Speaking of breakfast, I want to try this

Why you should drink whiskey (but maybe not for breakfast)


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Meghan @ getoffyourbuttandrunPosted on  3:57 pm - Sep 5, 2015

Gah! I didn’t even know PSL was out yet!! I need to get one. Now. I have no good plans for this weekend. I worked a half day today and I’m working Monday as well. Goodbye weekend!

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