Or is it? Did this week fly by or is it just me? Or maybe it’s the looming grad school app deadlines, conference deadlines, and piles of work to do. Anyway, what are you up to this weekend?

I have a date tonight. Yeah… I’m dating again. Maybe one day I’ll post more on that but today is not the day. And Sunday I’m running the Staten Island Half Marathon. That’s right, back to back weekends of halves. We’ll see how that goes. And in my “down” time I plan on watching lots of sports i.e. hockey.


My favorite season

I love reading her dating adventures

Check out this nostalgia machine

Please be true

I want this

I need to try this recipe

Um ew, no thanks

This is my friend

I can’t get enough of this Instagram account

Or this one

Have a good one!


One thought on “TGIF

Meghan @ getoffyourbuttandrunPosted on  7:22 pm - Oct 12, 2015

We watch hockey too, but it’s the playoffs that really get my attention!

Hope your race went well!

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