Did you notice the absence of TGIF posts these last 8 weeks? No? You didn’t? Good! Well anyway, they are being reinstated. They stopped because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with marathon training and then with working on grad apps but now those are both stressors of the past. So what do I do with all this new found freedom?! Watch YoutTube videos! Kidding, I’ve been catching up with lots of friends who were put a bit on the wayside and trying to catch up on my reading resolution (not going to happen). But back to YouTube, have you seen this viral video yet?

What are you up to this weekend?

I have lots and lots of plans – am I trying to distract myself from the waiting game of hearing back on my grad school apps? You betcha! Tomorrow I will be running my last race of the year, the Ted Corbitt 15k followed by my writing group’s 500th meeting. We’ll be celebrating with a potluck. If you’re a writer, feel free to join. After that, I have another party to go to. Yes, that’s right – ANOTHER party. I feel like the most popular girl in school right now. Then Sunday, I’m heading out to the Morbid Anatomy Museum to check out the House of Wax exhibit and their holiday market where I really want to buy this (no joke).

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