But seriously, TGIF! I am leaving early tomorrow to catch a flight to Florida where I will take off with my family for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. We’ll be hitting up Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, and the Grand Caymans. I am really looking forward to this 1. Because I haven’t seen my family for awhile and 2. I am feeling BURNT OUT! Running a marathon, applying to grad school, lots of new projects at work and finalizing old ones. I just need a break. I haven’t taken a vacation since my trip to Spain in June.

My uncle posted this photo on our trip Facebook page. Do you think there will be enough for all of us?

Candid Cerebrations | Coffee

This seriously happened. I repeat, this is not a joke!

Have a great weekend!


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Am I crazy for wanting to try this?


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Lisa @ Lisa the VegetarianPosted on  1:32 pm - Jan 27, 2016

I hope you had a great time on your trip! This is making me look forward to my next vacation.

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