Okay, okay, I know it’s Saturday.

But the sentiment yesterday for TGIF was just so strong I didn’t have the energy to craft this post yesterday. But I did have a nice dinner with a friend that I’ve been trying to catch up with forever (Check out her cute Etsy shop, Porcupine Hugs) before collapsing into bed and bingeing on Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Is anyone else excited for the reboot?

What are your plans for the long weekend/Valentine’s day?

Shortly, I’m going to brave the bitter cold and go catch up with a high school friend/ogle his little 3 month old son. I am so excited. And Monday I will be reuniting with my trail running group (it’s been too long!) for what other than a long, trail run through the Palisades. Oh shoot, you noticed I totally tried skipping my big Vday plans. Well I have none other than going to spin class with a friend and maybe, MAYBE skyping with my bff in AZ. Oh and of course making my plans on how to tackle all the February 15th chocolate sales… Kidding! Although that’s not a bad idea especially since I have Monday off. Anyway, while I think that Valentine’s day is a hugely heternormative consumer based holiday, I am not a scrooge about it. In fact, I’m loving the #AcademicValentines trend on Twitter.


Oh and @mariesaba’s IG (side note: I will never call it a gram! NEVER!)

And if that’s not enough for you (you’re asking for too much!) here’s are some amazing nerdy pick up lines.

And a list of my favorite IG accounts. P.S. Follow me!


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