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What are you up to this weekend?

I’m trying out a Physique 57 Signature class tonight. Has anyone tried Physique 57? Then I’m canvassing for a political campaign all weekend (I’ll write more on that soon) with a birthday party thrown into the mix. Also I will probably rewatch this movie because it’s so good!

This song has been stuck in my head all week.

I’m thinking of doing this on my next date. Psst, can I borrow your 3D printer?

If you need a pick me up

The Secret Life of Tumblr Teens is really interesting

The girl who said ‘no’ to marriage You go girl!

Why You Should Reach Out to Women in Your Field

How much is an extra month of life worth?

America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

This is great advice!

Science links!

The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullshit

Art and Math and Science, Oh My!


The Climate Scientist who decided not to fly

Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies


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HolliePosted on  11:47 am - Feb 29, 2016

Thanks for sharing these. I’m late but I just enjoyed reading them this morning. I found the 70% rule to be intriguing but definitely true.

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