It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby. I’m about to have me some fun! But seriously!

Candid Cerebrations | TGIF

Tonight I’m going to another Physique 57 class (I mentioned it last Friday). It definitely kicked my butt last time and will probably do so again tonight but that’s why I like it. Then I have a date. I hope he doesn’t get scared off by this (or even notice it!)! I’ve actually gone on a few dates lately, maybe I’ll delve into that another time. Then tomorrow is my last day canvassing. Followed by my birthday on Sunday! Yay! I plan on going on a long run and then celebrating with a few close friends at dinner. Oh and I bought myself a Nutribullet as an early birthday present two weeks ago. I love it!

Spill your dating secrets and tell me your favorite smoothie recipes!

Right now I’m really digging a smoothie with blueberries, banana, spinach, peanut butter, nutella, plant protein powder, instant coffee and almond milk.

Candid Cerebrations | Smoothie

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