This week has been so busy! I’ve been putting in extra hours at work, tutoring, promoting @Neurotweeps and coordinating for Pint of Science. But it’s been well worth it because I secured the Alewife which is an AWESOME bar in Long Island City as a venue for #Pint16 and the first week of @Neurotweeps went pretty well. We hit the 200 follower mark. Small victory but hey, it’s only been one week. Has anyone worked with Storify? I’m thinking of using it to recap the various curators for Neurotweeps and I’ve love to hear your thoughts on it. Anyway, I’m ready for the weekend!

Do you have any fun plans?

I have a party to attend to night. I’ll be fashionably late because I wanted to bang out this post. Then I’m heading out to the DC/Baltimore area for two days with a friend who is in the process of packing up there to move here. I’m not sure what we’re going to do but I think (hope!) the Baltimore Aquarium is on the list. It will be nice to get a break from NYC and the bus ride there will provide me with some quality time to catch up on my reading resolution. I’m way behind.

I didn’t have a ton of spare time for extra-curricular reading this week but here are a few I loved.

Would you let your mom control your Tinder? This guy did 

The psychological price of entrepreneurship

I love this mindset

Have you been to the Baltimore Aquarium?

What was the best link you’ve read this week?


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