Woah, I haven’t done a TGIF since who knows how long! Well,since the internet documents everything we know it was on August 20th – my last day at BMed. So what’s happened since then other than grad school and running Philly? Not much really; grad school is a huge time suck. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but I’m also in that how-is-this-semester-almost-over-I-still-have-so-many-things-to-do frantic state right now. I did get a part-time job back in September and bought a car which you’d know if you follow me on Instagram. I will, however, not be returning to said part-time job next semester. Working was good for me this semester because it gave me something to do outside of school in the evenings but now that I’m much more involved with lab work, I need my time back to do more of it. Speaking of lab work, here is a pretty picture I took with a fancy microscope.

Candid Cerebrations | SCIENCE!

And here is photo of said fancy microscope:

Lasers! #pewpewpew #science

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What are you up to this weekend?

I’m headed into the city in a bit to see Seth for a pretty low key weekend mainly involving the library. But we have a double date tonight with an old coworker to watch Gremlins at Syndicated. Have you ever been there? Seth loves movies (was a film major fyi) and we often go to the Nitehawk which we love minus the trek to Brooklyn.

And as per TGIF here are some links! All science-y.

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