Thank Goodness I Finally Got My Phone! But seriously, with no thanks to FedEx, I finally got my new Nexus 5x. Basically my old phone went kaput last Monday, yeah Monday, December 7th. So I’ve been without a phone for almost 2 weeks (can you say withdrawal?!) But now it’s finally here – I only had to take 5 hours off of work and wait around 10+ hours over 2 days for a delivery that never came, spend 4+ hours contacting FedEx/listening to shitty hold music, and make a 2.5 hour round trip to Brooklyn to pick it up in person. Let’s just say livid is an understatement about my feelings towards FedEx. Now I just need to deal with the hassles of getting a new SIM card through Sprint.

What are you up to this weekend?

I’m going to Star Wars tonight! Woot! Then tomorrow I organized a trail run with some of my ATEA teammates through the Palisades and am hosting a Friendsmas which I’m totally under prepared for (I blame my lack of grocery shopping on the fact that all non-work hours + some work hours the last 2 days have been spent with my bff, FedEx). Seriously FedEx, go  $%^@ yourself. But expect an awesome Weekend Recap come Monday because I have a phone so I can document it! Unlike last weekend which was pretty awesome but undocumented by moi (some stolen photos below). Although I did make a kick butt buffalo chicken dip or as Minnesotans call it, Crack Dip for my writing group potluck.

At the Ted Corbitt 15k last weekend, I ran a 1:25:42. Since it’s my first ever 15k, automatic PR. Gotta love those!

Candid Cerebrations | Ted Corbitt 15k 2015

My coworker, Gioia and I post race – We look good!

Here is everyone talking about how amazing my dip was (recipe below).

My eating…I mean, my #writing group! 500th meeting 😁😍 #amwriting

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Crockpot Crack Dip
1.5lb skinless chicken breast
1 c. water
1 16 oz. bottle blue cheese dressing
1 12 oz. bottle Frank’s Buffalo sauce
2 c. shredded cheddar cheese
8 oz. block cream cheese

Throw chicken breast in crockpot with the 1 cup water (can also substitute in broth). Cook on high 3-4 hours or low 6-8. When done, drain water and shred chicken – easily done with 2 forks, the meat should just pull apart. Now throw in everything else (blue cheese dressing, Frank’s Buffalo sauce, shredded cheddar, and cream cheese). Serve once everything is melted and it’s hot. Best served hot with blue corn chips and celery.

FYI, this is always a big hit and I never have leftovers. Not to mention it can easily be prepared ahead of time (just cook the chicken). You can substitute ranch dressing for the blue cheese but I really recommend the blue cheese (even my friends who say they hate blue cheese love this).

Oh and here is a dick pic from my adventures at the Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Candid Cerebrations | Morbid Anatomy Museum

Couldn’t help myself…

 And a TGIF post wouldn’t be complete with out my favorite links of the week.

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