That Goodness It’s Thursday?! Wait, what? Today’s technically my Friday because I took tomorrow off to head up to Montreal with a few friends for it’s Rock’n’Roll half marathon.



And I took Monday off to recover…from my hangover. You thought I’d say run, didn’t you? Nope, I’ll be partying hard because I’m definitely feeling a PR.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Well I better go pack (and drink some wine!) but first here are a few links to leave you with..

Have you seen this couple’s drunk history? Because if you haven’t, you’re sorely missing out.

I’d love to see a firefighter version of this.

An oral history of me as told through my exes

This blows my mind

Fall is coming, here’s a beautiful ode to summer

An awesome artist

The artist is blind?!

When you’re feeling low, just remember…

Who said it? Ha!

Have you gotten the Snapchat selfie update? My friend sent me the scary one and I almost dropped my phone (slash peed my pants). Here’s the how to on using it (you know you’re getting old when you need to start reading directions).


One thought on “TGIT?!

Meghan @ getoffyourbuttandrunPosted on  7:00 pm - Sep 17, 2015

Seriously! I am so glad it’s Thursday! I’m going to need some extra sleep this weekend! Enjoy your day off! I can’t wait to read about your race!

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