The Philly Marathon

The Philly Marathon

I can’t believe the Philly Marathon was a week ago.

I can’t believe I ran it all and  finished it.

I can’t believe I PR’d. 4:30:35

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet. Kidding. I’ve been terrible at keeping up this blog (and a lot of other things) lately. Remember my last training update way back on October 26th where I was freaking out about my (lack of) training? Well here was my best concerted effort at making up for it. I decided to do two back to back medium-long runs and see how my body felt afterward. Surprisingly it wasn’t bad so I decided to go all out for an 18 mile run (I would have stopped had my body told me otherwise) but I felt good. Tired but good. I was planning on running one last 10 miler the weekend before but yoga and biking took a toll on my body so I opted for rest instead.

Saturday, October 29th 10 mile run

Sunday, October 30th 10 mile run

Tuesday, November 1st 3 mile run

Wednesday, November 2nd 3 mile run

Saturday, November 5th 18 mile run in Central Park

Tuesday, November 8th 5.5 mile run

Sunday, November 6th Gym Session – 1 mile run warm up, abs, arms, and a lot of stretching.

Friday, November 11th Yoga class (when was the last time I did one?)

Saturday, November 12th  Trail biking – unknown mileage, at least 1.5 hours

It’s a beautiful day for my first trail ride 🚵

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Wednesday, November 16th 2.5 mile run

I got a full body massage Thursday. If you run and don’t get massages, you are not doing it right.

Debut marathon for @danelleolson1 with an amazing time of 3:39:26 and a PR for me 4:30:35. #phillymarathon

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I was really, really nervous about this race. I didn’t train properly. I had to travel to it. I didn’t have anyone to pace with. But….the Philly Marathon was awesome (minus the crazy wind)! I loved leaving the AirBnB I stayed at 30 minutes before the start time. I loved starting at 7am. I loved the flat course that doubled back at the end so I could see my friend. And I loved having Seth there to cheer me on. Oh and I loved not hitting a wall.

I also feel like I learned a lot for this marathon. I learned to have a bit more confidence in my ability. I really saw and felt the importance of pacing properly. I started the NYC marathon off last year a bit too fast but this year I set my pace and stuck to it (~10:18/mile). And it paid off because not only did I PR but I ran a 4:30 marathon which was my goal when I thought I was going to rigorously train. I managed to get negative splits along with dropping my last mile to around an 8:40min/mile. And I learned what a great and supportive partner, Seth is. Also I really like the idea of doing back to back long runs and a two week taper which I hope to incorporate into my training for my marathon next year.


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SallyPosted on  5:01 pm - Nov 28, 2016

You have evolved into an experienced marathoner. Glad you enjoyed it.😀

Sarah @ The Fit NichePosted on  2:22 pm - Nov 29, 2016

Congrats on running the marathon and PRing! That is awesome 🙂

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