The Pits

The Pits

I kind of fell into The Pits (aka hell on Earth) at the end of last semester and by kind of mean definitely which is essentially why I disappeared.

But I’m back now and doing better.

Long story short, my previous living situation was a nightmare and I needed to escape. It was especially tolling since I’m the type who recharges by spending time alone at home in my safe space. I had signed a lease with my ex-landlady for a duration of 12 months because the house and location were lovely and the idea of the homeshare she advertised sounded perfect. The lease said that I was responsible for all 12 months of rent ($800/mo) even if I left early. Well, the lovely homeshare she advertised was completely false advertising. She hoarded piles of junk around the house, didn’t clean up after herself, and then would harass me and my other roommate about everything. She claimed that we didn’t clean up after ourselves which is completely false, especially since we were the only ones to ever clean in that house (I have plenty of photographic evidence). She bullied us so much that we felt uncomfortable using any common spaces and avoided going home as much as possible. I only slept there 4 times a week and rarely spent any time there between the hours of 8am and 11pm. As you can imagine, that situation was not sustainable and had a huge mental toll on my well-being. During winter break, the landlady broke the last straw so my other roommate and I formed a mutiny. We sought out legal advice, found out our living situation was illegal and the lease couldn’t be enforced so we packed up all our stuff and left. My roommate is currently seeking legal action against this ex-landlady and I will eventually try to at least get my security deposit returned. But for now, I’m just enjoying a new home where I can relax in.

To help you grasp what living there was like, close your eyes and imagine living in a place where it was acceptable for the landlady to leave a half carved turkey on the porch from Thanksgiving until January 3rd (it may even still be there) but if you leave a single hair in the bathroom it’s the end of the world.

Candid Cerebrations | Rotten Turkey

Rotten Turkey welcomes you into the rental of hell

P.S. The average temperatures the last few months have been like 40-50 degrees so it’s not like the turkey is frozen. In fact it’s more or less liquifying. Blegh!


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