The Plan

The Plan

Let the training begin! Only 16 weeks until the NYC Marathon. Here is my training plan (it is an adapted version of this NYRR plan). Marathon_Training_Plan2015

Flex Day: Option to rest, run, or cross-train. Do whatever feels right
Intervals: Run short fast repeats with recovery jogs in between to build speed and endurance
Tempo Run: Pace slightly slower than 10k pacce
Recovery Run: Run at what feels right for your body for only 30 minutes – for me this is about 3 miles
ATEA: Athletes to End Alzheimers – this is the team I’m running for (see more below)

Don’t forget, I’m running for the Alzheimer’s Charity and still trying to meet my $3500 fundraising goal. If you want to learn more about the charity and/or donate you can do so here.




3 thoughts on “The Plan

EmiliePosted on  4:57 pm - Jul 18, 2015

Good luck training! What a brave endeavor and how wonderful to do it for such an important cause!

Meghan @ getoffyourbuttandrunPosted on  6:58 pm - Jul 21, 2015

Awesome!!!! How excited to start a marathon training plan! Good luck with your training and fundraising! That is a wonderful cause to be running for.

ccerebrationsPosted on  9:04 am - Jul 22, 2015

Thanks Emilie and Meghan! I’m pretty excited to run my first full marathon and even more so to do it for this cause. The Alzheimer’s Association is so amazing with what they provide for those with Alzheimer’s and their families. Also the association provides those running for their team with amazing support throughout the training process. The team meets 3 times a week to train together. While I can’t usually get to all the practices, I’m sure without a doubt that I’d wouldn’t be succeeding as well if I were training completely solo.

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