Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Tuesday, August 30 First commute to campus! It’s 4 miles one way. I also cruised around the neighborhood that night. No idea on my mileage.

My Ivory Tower

Wednesday, August 31 11 miles biking
Monday, September 6 Only a 2 mile run because someone couldn’t keep up + hiking the Palisades.

September 7-10 Rest and recovery with lots of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and ice. I tore cartilage around rib 3 on the right side goofing around Monday. It sucked. It actually still kind of sucks.

Loving the ER (needed x-rays)

Sunday, September 11 12 miles biking, just casually but it felt good to get moving again.

Sunday, September 12 5k run + 12 miles biking (commuting). Running wasn’t terrible but I do need to use compression or look like a fool clutching my chest the entire way. The plan is to wrap up for my half in Philly this weekend.

Do you use a 4:1 bike to run ratio or a different one?

Have you ever had a rib injury? How’d it happen?

Anyone else running the Philly RnR this weekend?


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