Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

I didn’t run anymore last week after that 5k Monday AM, just casually biked. But I did go hard this weekend at the Philadelphia Rock’n’Roll series. In fact, Danelle and I both checked running back to back races off our bucket list. Kidding, it was never on my bucket list. But she’s obsessed with medals and you get an extra for doing so (#runforbling). So we did.

Back to back races ✔ #RnRPhilly #5k #halfmarathon

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Saturday, September 17th Philly RnR 5k 26:12

The weather was amazing! And I felt really good after running this, no pain like I had earlier that week running. I think the extra time, rest, and stronger compression sports bra really helped. The medical tent was very nice and I iced post-race more as preparation for tomorrow than for necessity.

Working on checking running back to back races off our bucket list #RnRPhilly #5k

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Sunday, September 18th Philly RnR Half Marathon 2:11:33

A little slower than I would have liked but I did make my modified goal of under 2:15 which is all that matters. I modified my goal because of my rib injury and am proud of setting one that was realistic (let’s be honest, setting realistic goals is a huge accomplishment as a runner). Speaking of my ribs, they actually felt pretty good until around mile 10. At that point I couldn’t keep swinging my right arm. And let me just say, that’s the moment I realized how important arm swing is to running. Ice post-run was definitely a necessity. Anyway, it was a great race. The course was scenic and very flat. Only complaint, is the humidity. It was about 80% and the fog was still hiding the skyline when I finished. And Philly’s skyline is not that tall. I But I guess I should just be happy that the thunderstorm they were predicting all week held off until Monday.

#Repost @danelleolson1 with @repostapp ・・・ Sole sisters 🏃🏼‍♀️ #RNRPhilly #destinationrun #strydeon

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Monday, September 19th Spin Class at Body Cycle in downtown Philly. It was a great way to shake out those sore muscles. Also the owner, Russell had great energy. And your first class there is free!

All in all, it was a successful second annual destination half marathon. And it helped us both feel more confident for our upcoming full marathon which is in Philly in 58 days. We booked using AirBnB and our hosts Ann and Quan are amazing. In fact, we’ll be staying with them again in November for the full.

Here is a throwback to last year’s first destination half marathon (read my post about it here).

Pre & Post Race #RNRMTL #marathondemontreal #demimarathon #21k

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Do you use AirBnB?
If not, you should try it. I love the comforts of staying in a home vs. hotel. Especially when racing. You can get a $35 credit if you use my referral link: (FYI, this post is not sponsored by AirBnB but I do also get a $35 credit if you use it, so please do).

Do you go to any exercise classes when on vacation/visiting friends?
Whenever I visit Danelle or she visits me, she makes me go to some sort of spin class.

Do you like to do shake out runs, spin classes, whatever post-races?
I never thought about doing them until my coach when I was training for the NYC marathon introduced the concept to me. I think they really help with my muscle soreness.


P.S. This is the best post-race meal I’ve ever hard! #salivating

When in #Philly

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