Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Wow, I can’t believe I never published my TGIF post last week (I had it drafted!). But I’m not surprised because while I have been remembering to respond to texts lately I forget to hit send. Anyway, here’s what my training looked like this past week.

After my week long hiatus I finally got back into the game with a spin class.  I go to this studio in the UWS.

My ATEA practice was canceled due to rain but a few of us got the memo late and decided to run anyway. 9 miles in the rain was a sweet relief from this summer’s heat and humidity (understatement).

Just a little bit wet…

My favorite Friday routine of yoga (can you call it a routine if I’ve only been back to it these last two weeks?). I do vinyasa classes with Carole at the same studio I do spin. Carole is awesome and she really helped me with some hip openers Friday.

I ran 2/3 of the TCS NYC Marathon course with my ATEA team. Triborough run and 18 miles all before noon. It’s my longest run ever and it felt pretty good. I definitely got some confidence out of it and am really feeling I might make my goal for the full.


Longest run yet/ever

Also Amanda and I decided to grab breakfast after (18 miles leaves you starving) and we ran into Mike and his girlfriend, Steph. So we all celebrated his birthday at BarBacon. I definitely recommend checking it out.


Happy Birthday, Mike!

Rest day. I didn’t feel sore which was super surprising but I was feeling lazy.

I was planning on going to yoga but spontaneously decided to run the outer loop with Amanda instead. Definitely the better choice. It was the first time running outside that actually felt like fall.


This view alone makes me glad I went running

Tonight’s practice we’re doing speed work. Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to it.

What is your longest run this season? Ever?

What training do you hate the most?


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