Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

I left off after Tuesday, September 29th’s practice on my What are you… Wednesday post. I don’t have too many updates to add because I only have ran two other days since then.

Thursday, September 29th the ATEA team did some rolling hill repeats from 90th St. to 103rd on the east side followed by some drills. Then since my team is so awesome we decided to add on a loop of the reservoir for a photo op – unfortunately it wasn’t a very good one but I think you get the gist.

ATEA Night Run

Just a little bit blurry…

Sunday, October 4th the team met up to run Grete’s Great Gallop which is two outer loops of Central Park (13.1mi). The weather was great (thank you Hurricane Joaquin for going the other way) and a lot of members on the team PR’d. I ran a sub-2 which was my goal – official time 1:58:31. Not a PR but I won’t complain. Plus I added on 9 miles after – although somehow my course magically cut out Harlem Hills =D. That’s right, I ran 22 miles on Sunday. I think I can handle 4.2 more (knock on wood). But on a serious note, this past Sunday really gave me the confidence boost I needed. I was feeling a bit shaken up after my Montreal performance.

ATEA at Grete's

ATEA at Grete's

Not a training update but still marathon related: I hit my 50% fundraising goal yesterday – $1635 to go. Thank you everyone who has helped me get there. If you’d like to donate, please do so here.

And if you haven’t seen this video the NYC marathon you should. I’m going to be honest, it makes me tear up. I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions about this race and sometimes just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
Is that normal? Do you cry about your races?

The Road To The Finish from StoryView on Vimeo.


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Meghan @ getoffyourbuttandrunPosted on  7:32 am - Oct 8, 2015

Chicago has a video similar to the NYC one and I feel the same way. I love the race and the city it chokes me up a little! I’m glad you’re feeling more confident! You’re going to rock it!

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