Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. I came down with a sinus infection Monday that has pretty much steam rolled me. I took a sick day yesterday and just wasn’t feeling up to writing this post. So here it is, a day late.

Tuesday, October 6th Just an easy 5 mile run with the ATEA team.


Terrible supination going on…

Thursday, October 8th 7.5 miles and some drills.

Staten Island Half Finishers

These medals are awesome!

Sunday, October 11th I ran the Staten Island Half (2:02:46) and then added on the outer loop of Central Park 3 hours later for a total of 19.2 miles. It was rough getting back out there. Especially because my phone was dying and I couldn’t listen to music (play world’s smallest violin here). But it was worth it because now I get to taper.

I skipped practice last night and probably will again tomorrow so I can rest up for my Sleepy Hollow 10k on Saturday. Speaking of which I need a costume. Anyone have any ideas for lazy, non-creative runners like me? Also I realize I owe you course reviews of Grete’s Great Gallop and the Staten Island Half. While you wait, here’s my review of the Montreal RnR.

Are you wearing costume on any runs this year? Which ones?

Do you run/train when you’re sick?



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ShruthiPosted on  4:25 pm - Oct 15, 2015

Found you from Cupofjo, We have the same theme 🙂 –

I am also not what you’re not (not a fashion blogger, not a mommy blogger, i forgot the other one 🙂 )

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