Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday?! But it’s Thursday… Shhhh!

So there isn’t a lot to catch up on this last month of missed training updates. Basically my social life (and wedding attendance) is at an all time high while my training is at a low. I plan on focusing on strength more than mileage for another month or so and then upping the distance. 128 days until race day!

Tuesday, June 14th 10k at 5am and a strength training session in the evening

Wednesday, June 15th 6 mile trail run with a new meetup group

Thursday, June 16th AM Spin Class

Thursday, June 23rd Yoga Class

Saturday, June 25th 

Post Run Popsicles ❤💛💚💙💜#FRNYPrideRun #Pride #Equality #NYRR #ATEA #8k

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Sunday, June 26th MuckFest

Had a lot of fun with these people Sunday #muckfest

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Tuesday, June 28 5am run 

Not sure if I went running or swimming today 💦💦💦💦 #humidaf #nyc #marathontraining

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Friday, July 8th Cardio + Strength Gym Session

Sunday, July 10th I am counting my kayaking as cross training

Monday, July 11th Cardio + Strength Gym Session

Does this count as training?!

When relaxing evening plans turns to 5 hours of hunting #gottacatchemall

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Do you play Pokemon Go? (I walked 8km on Tuesday night because of it!)

What type of weight training do you do for your running?


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