Training Tuesday Update

Training Tuesday Update

Only 2 months until the NYC Marathon! Only 2 months… O.O I really need to step up my game. No more slacking off on training. I need to be running more. I need to be doing more strength training. I want to hit these last two months hard. HARD!

I realized I missed the last 2 weeks of training updates so my apologies but I’ve decided to recap all of it.

Tuesday, August 11th
ATEA Practice: 6.2mi in Central Park with Reservoir Loops

Wednesday, August 12th
3.5 mi with the BMed Run Club (my office running group) + Spin Class

Thursday, August 13th-Monday, August 17th
Off, I had a really horrible sinus infection but probably could have ran by Monday. But on a positive note being sick made me not feel guilty about missing runs while enjoying Philly.

Tuesday, August 18th
ATEA Practice: 5mi in Central Park + Strength Training

Wednesday, August 19th
Spin Class

Thursday, August 20th
ATEA Practice: 5.4 in Central Park + Circuit Training

Friday August 21st

Saturday, August 22nd

Sunday, August 23rd
ATEA Practice: 15.5 miles from Central Park to Prospect Park

Park to Park


Monday, August 24th

Tuesday, August 25th
ATEA Practice: 5.5 miles of Queensboro Bridge Repeats
FYI Queensboro Bridge is mile 15-16 of the NYC Marathon

Wednesday, August 26th
6:30am Spin Class (I would like extra credit for the early AM workout!)

Thursday, August 27th
Off, I missed practice for a work gathering to send my coworker off to Japan

Friday, August 28th-Sunday, August 30th
Off visiting family in MA

Monday, August 31st

How do you track your training?
I use Map My Run on my phone but have really been considering getting a GPS watch.

What aspects of your training do you need to improve?

P.S. I added a Running Stats page of all my previous runs. Check it out.


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