Training Tuesday Update

Training Tuesday Update

I’m trying out a new series called Training Tuesday to keep you informed on my 2015 NYC marathon training and to keep me accountable.

Training NYC Marathon Running

Obviously I’m a super photogenic runner


Maybe you remember me posting my training plan for the NYC marathon a month ago. Well just forget it, that plan has gone a bit to crap. I was a bit overzealous with my planning. I realized I’m much better at running longer distance less frequently during the week versus lots of shorter runs. Not to mention I need time in my life for other activities outside of just working and running.

Here is my new updated plan. Note that I’ve added a new race – Grete’s Great Gallop and removed some runs and added some more cross-training. I realized I really need to do more strength and cross-training. Also I’ll be going to as many of my Athletes to End Alzheimer’s (ATEA) practices as possible versus training on my own like I had originally planned on.

Updated Marathon Training Plan TCS NYC Marathon

What’s your favorite cross-training activity?

Do you prefer running shorter distances more frequently or longer distances a few times per week?

How well do you stick to your training plans?


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