Training Update

Training Update

Did you know that there are only 24 more days before I “run” the Philly marathon?

If you noticed the quotations on “run” that’s because it’s questionable if I’m going to make it. My Google searches of late involve “training for a marathon in 1 month” and “2 week taper vs. 3 week taper”, “do you really need to train for a marathon”, “faking sick to get out of a marathon.” This is my goal for finishing the marathon:

RUN #MedalMonday Repost @_andrei.s #InstaRunners Когда решил отжаться на бровях в качестве заминки. Полумарафон в Бронницах, вероятно мой последний беговой старт этого сезона. Цель была улучшить личник на 4 минуты, пробежав за 1.34. По итогу получилось 1.32-1.33 ( до сих пор не выложили результаты ). Д – доволен. 🤘🏻 #running #autumn #титан #титанмарафон #iloverunning #moscow #moscowmarathon #half #marathon #московскийполумарафон #run #runners #марафон #asics #challenge #бег #medal #sport #всембег #russiarunning #running #runner #halfmarathon #rruns #nature #green #grass

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To sum up the last month and a half, not a lot of running but at least an okay amount of mileage on the bike.

Week of 9/25 biked 38 miles
Week of 10/2 biked 56 miles
Week of 10/9 biked 50 miles
Week of 10/16 biked 4 miles (can you tell this is the week I bought a car? Oh yeah, I bought a car)

Saturday, October 8th 10 mile run

Monday, October 10th 3.3 mile run

Wednesday, October 19th 5 mile run

Sunday, October 23rd First gym session since I hurt my ribs on Labor Day

Wednesday, October 25th 7 mile run (thanks to a Prof who canceled a class)

Have you ever done a race without training properly? (Did you die?)

How long of a run can I run this weekend when I haven’t properly incremented up to it? (Is that proper grammar?)


2 thoughts on “Training Update

Eli @ The Silver WordsPosted on  6:45 pm - Oct 26, 2016

Whoa, that’s amazing! I’m a runner too, but I just started getting serious about it a year ago. Currently, I’m working up to a 5k, and I hope to run a marathon someday. And if we’re talking about grammar (:D), there’s nothing wrong with “how long of a run can I run this weekend when I haven’t properly incremented up to it?”. It’s a little bit awkward, but it works. Hope you’re doing well with your goals!

Also, I noticed that you’re in NYC! Jealous. If you get the chance, Laconda Verde and Café Havana are some of my favorite restaurants over there.

    ccerebrationsPosted on  2:16 pm - Dec 15, 2016

    Hey Eli,
    Thanks for the kind words. I will definitely have to try out those restaurants some time. I hope your 5k training is going well. I remember when I first started running a 5k was so daunting! Actually even now I find them kind of difficult, I prefer longer distances because I don’t really feel I get into my stride until a few miles in. But you’ll do great when you run your 5k. Races are so much more exciting than going out on your own, everyone just feeds off each others’ energy. Plus you’re already well ahead of me, I didn’t start running until my 20s so you’ll be running marathons in no time.

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