Training Update

Training Update

113 days until the Philly marathon! Now that I’m 4 months out it’s time to start picking up the mileage and getting those long runs in (but seriously, can some slap me every morning and remind me of this).

Catching up since last time, I didn’t do much the week of July 11th. I actually missed the Fibrosis run on Saturday, July 16th because I woke up feeling awful. I had sore throat and pretty sure what could have only been a fever. Fortunately, I was back to the gym on Tuesday, July 19th.

What do your gym sessions look like?

I hate going to the gym and I’m a slacker so I  don’t often make time to go but when I do drag myself there I like to do a full body workout including cardio and strength in one session. Typically I’m at the gym for 2 hours.

I like to start with cardio. I have a new found love for the Cybex Arc Trainer. I’ve been trying to use it a lot because I’m spoiled and my work gym has one which I only have access to for a few more weeks. (If you want to read more about  the Arc Trainer, check out Coach Levi’s opinion here) I typically use the Arc Trainer for 45 minutes on a constant power setting – to maintain constant power it increases resistance when you slow down. It’s a great setting for slackers (aka me). But there is definitely a lot more functionality than just that.

Next I like to do the cardio rowing machine 10-12 minutes. Followed by strength training. I typically do circuit training (aka no to little rest between exercises) and use free weights, kettle bells, a mat. Go to moves: tricep dips with kick backs, chest flys (flies?), crazy 8s (everyone calls this something different but I do 8 reps of full bicep curls, the 8 of just the upper curl, and 8 of the lower curl , planks (standard and various variations), bicycle crunches, one-legged hip raises, goblet squats, and deadlifts. Then I follow it up with some stretching before finishing with 10 minutes of jump roping. It sucks. But my mantra is “It sucks today so it will suck less on race day.” And that helps. Also I kind of love jump roping because I feel badass. I mean, who jump ropes for 10 minutes?! People look at you like you’re nuts. Because you are. And I relish in my self-created delusion that others at the gym think I’m killing it. Seriously, jump roping feeds my ego.

Thursday, July 21st Cycling class + 15 minute abs

Friday, July 22nd My first class ever at a running studio. Danelle always makes me work out when I visit her or when she visits me. It’s great! I wish I had more friends like that. It was a fun class, I ended up running about 4.5 miles in 45 minutes. Honestly, probably the first time ever in my life I didn’t hate the treadmill. I would totally do it again. If you’re in Boston, the studio is called MyStryde. You should check it out.

Candid Cerebrations | MyStryde

Here is Danelle and I later at the Twins game.

Saturday, July 23rd My first time going to a spin class at The Handle Bar in Boston. My friend, Danelle works there and just became an instructor. Yay! Go check her out! While the class wasn’t led by her it was great to spin at the place she loves so much.

Candid Cerebrations | The Handle Bar

Tuesday, July 26th Gym Session

Wednesday, July 27th 5 miles worth of intervals

Candid Cerebrations | AM Running with Anne

Anne & I post- 6am intervals

I took yesterday off to go to a movie (I told you I was a slacker) but I’ll be running this weekend.

What do you call Crazy 8’s?

Have you been to a running studio? What did you think of it?

Do you have friends like Danelle that make you work out when you visit?

What are your work out plans for the weekend?


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