Weekend Recap + The Who Was It

Weekend Recap + The Who Was It

I’m sure you’re all wondering from my last post who my mystery guest was. Drum roll please!

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Alejandro Madrid Wine

Cue that Lady Gaga song in your head

Does that name ring a bell? Probably because I mentioned him in my post about my vacation to Madrid. He’s in the US for the very first time and hitting up NYC, Philly, and DC. So we decided to meet up while he was here. Speaking of firsts, this man had never ever had a bagel before in his life. Can you say deprived?

Bagel Cream Cheese and Lox Absolute Bagels NYC UWS

Cream Cheese & Lox Bagels from Absolute Bagels on the UWS

I’m skipping ahead. Rewind to Friday, we met up and hit up Coney Island for the fireworks and a ride on the Wonder Wheel.

Coney Island Night Carousell

Camera Phone + Night = Crappy Photos

Post-Bagel Saturday, we toured and lounged around Central Park.

Central Park NYC

Sheep’s Meadow

And if that wasn’t enough park for us we followed it up with the High Line.

High Line

Just some yellow heads…

And Morningside Park.

Morning Side Park Pier 1 Cafe Sunset Hudson NYC

Sunset over the Hudson

Sunday we kayaked in the Hudson (Yes, again. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit). Followed by brunch in the shadow of Freedom Tower at the Merchant’s River House. The restaurant was okay but the location was beautiful. I love Battery Park.

Freedom Tower Merchants River House Brunch WTC WTC1

Ferried on over to Staten Island and back.

Staten Island Ferry Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline from Staten Island

Postcards 9/11 911 Staten Island Ferry NYC


Fought our way through Times Square for some Junior’s Cheesecake. If you’re a tourist in NYC having cheesecake is obviously a must. And since we were in the area and starving how could we say no to the infamous Halal Guys Food cart?

Halal Guys Food

A First For Me

A word of advice: Add more white sauce (and some more) and go light on the hot (FIRE!) sauce.


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