What are you…

What are you…

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a what are you… Wednesday post. But I figured I would bring it back this week so I could make excuses for why I missed my regular TGIF and Training Tuesday posts.

I figured I would tell you what I’ve been up to instead of posting.

What are you excited for?
The NYC Marathon! Can you believe it’s only 1 month away?! 1 MONTH! And I’m nervous about getting everything I need done before it. Apparently, it’s so much more than just running. But don’t worry, I’ve still been running (duh!). I took a little break after the Montreal RnR (read about it here) but I returned to running on Thursday with a nice 5.5 mile run, ran a measly 3 miles Sunday, 4 miles Monday morning before work, and 5.5 miles of Queensboro bridge repeats in the the most humid weather ever (75F with 90% humidity) in long sleeves and long pants. Apparently I need to be more diligent about checking the weather before packing my bag in the morning. And double checking that I pack the right stuff – I forgot a sports bra…

Also I’ve been busy trying to coordinate with my visitors on our marathon weekend plans. PICKING A PLACE FOR DINNER SHOULDN’T BE THIS DIFFICULT!

I have some bumming news about my visitors… My mother broke her leg two weekends ago and won’t be able to come anymore. She had a mounting issue with getting on her Harley (yeah, my mom’s a biker). We knew after her X-Rays last week that she had fractured her tibial platform – aka the top part of your big calf bone that is part of the knee. But we didn’t know what the course of treatment was until Monday or whether or not she’d be able to come. Her doctor said she won’t be able to fly (risk of blood clots/not enough space for her leg). So I’m feeling a bit down that she won’t be able to be there. And I especially feel sad for her because I know she is upset about missing out. But otherwise she is doing okay (I think the percocet helps) and I told her I’d run another marathon so she could see that one. Also my sister, Cristina will be coming in her place.

And of course I’ve been trying to up my fundraising efforts. I still need to raise $2205 in the next month. So I will be co-hosting a happy hour with some other teammates. You’re all welcome to come. Or if you want to donate you can do so here.


What are you working on?
Trying not to lose my mind. Kidding….kinda.
Finishing recruitment for our main study at work (this means a lot of phone calls and meetings).
Helping our Swedish Med student with a project at work – I’m his mentor/partner/whatever-you-wanna-call-it (haha, poor guy).
Working on my own personal project looking at white matter hyperintensities (brain talk).
Grad school apps. They opened September 15th and are due December 1st. Let’s just say I have a lot of work to do on them and I don’t want to talk about it (yet).
Completing a post on the fun, race-free part of my Montreal trip. And just posting in general -_-

What are you reading? What are you watching?
Nothing. I haven’t had time. But I’d love to hear recommendations for when I do.

And my favorite question, what are you putting off?
Laundry. This will forever and always be my answer.

So tell me what are you…?


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